Friday, September 9, 2011


The next black hat I'm going to knit will have a rim.  I want to created a wool felted
Elphaba hat, my plan is to knit this one from the top down.  Witch me luck ;)

Wicked Kids
Wicked Hats

These ones need to be finished and posted to my Etsy Shop this weekend, Halloween is on the horizon.

Keep On Knittin'

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Still Knitting!

I know it's been a while posting to this blog, but I am still knitting and being inspired to do other things, inspired by knitting.  Mandy has given me an idea for making shawl and scarf pins.  I have a nice stash of copper to work with and will gather up some silver to create some spiral and knotted pins.  I'm also going to embellish a few with some stones that I'll get to cabbing in September.

I'm having a great time plotting and planning for my fall/winter knitting/crochet projects.  Being able to make unique and OOAK brass, copper and wooden buttons is only creating more possibilities!

See you in the fall!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Happy New Year Once Again 2011 Here I come!

It's been a long while.  I'm knitting and up to many things, just not at the computer very much for so many reasons, real and imagined.

I'm on a hat roll these days, Gnome Gear is what I've been up to.. "Gnome Gear" is what I'm calling ma hats and the other wee folk wear that I'm creating.  Socks are next, I want to make some fun slipper socks for the kids and maybe to sell if time permits.

Sooo much fun.  Oh and the FBW's that's another project all done.


Friday, January 8, 2010

Dish Cloth

Hey, I finished my four dish cloths! Here's a pic of the last one, I was trying to learn some new stitches and use up the last of the cotton.

Still need to iron out some kinks in my technique... ok a lot but it's worthy of dirty dish water!!!


This is the finished slipper, the other one still needs a little more done on the front.

I'm almost done! DS needs a pair of slippers for camp this weekend, so last night I decided to see what I could come up with using the last of my da's yarn (the stuff I use to make his blanket. ) I had almost enough. If I had made the slipper smaller I would have been able to finish. DD is getting another ball at Michale's, using the awesome 50%off coupon on one item.

This is going to be my prototype I have a few ideas for how I'd like to make them. The one thing I have found with crochet is that it is so much easier to be random and its almost like sculpting with yarn if that makes sense. I have no pattern, just following what makes sense as I go along and in the end I can still make something that resembles what I was trying to create. Two thumbs up for the crochet hook! Oh I'm trying to write down what i've done, but i thhink I need to study crochet lingo some more cuz what I have on paper confuses the heck outta me.

This is the sole of the slipper, just for now because I have some ideas for making and felting soles that would be more durable.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Papa's Blanket

Here is picture of the blanket I crochet'd (what is the spelling for having completed something with a crochet hook?) for my Da this Christmas. I asked him how he got such a great shot, he let me know he hauled out his ladder and climbed up to take the shot.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Crochet in the Green

I finished my dad's Christmas gift, the green crochet blanket. I forgot to take a pic, Da! if you're reading will ya take a picture and email it to me?

I'm working on some much needed dish cloths and will sew up some tea towels in the next few weeks. I've committed myself to making blankets for all the kids. I think I'll sew some, knit a few and crochet... to shake things up a little and help avoid boredom.